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Space - Constellations


A Constellation is a group of stars that form a clearly identifiable pattern in the night sky.

There can be over a hundred stars in a constellation and there can be smaller sub patterns in a constellation.

The most well know are probably the twelve constellations of the zodiac that lie along the ecliptic:

Aquarius is one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac

The Constellation of Aquarius
  • Aquarius (the Water Bearer)
  • Aries (the Ram)
  • Cancer, (the Crab)
  • Capricorn, (the Goat)
  • Gemini (the Twins)
  • Leo (the Lion)
  • Libra (the Scales)
  • Pisces (the Fish)
  • Sagittarius (the Archer)
  • Scorpius (the Scorpion)
  • Taurus (the Bull)
  • Virgo (the Virgin)

Other well know constellations include:

  • Crux (the Southern Cross)
  • Orion (the Hunter)
  • Ursa Major (the Great Bear)
  • Hercules (the Hero)
  • Pegasus (the Flying Horse)