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Space - Neptune


Diameter: 49.500 km
Mass: 86.81 x 10 24
Density: 1.8 g/cm3
Max distance from sun: 4.54 billion kilometers
Min distance from sun: 4.46 billion kilometers
Length of day: 17  hr. 6 min
Length of Year: 165 Earth years
Temperature: -210° C
Surface Gravity: 11.77 m/s2 (1.2 of Earth's).
Axial title: 29° 36'
Satellites: 8 - Triton , Despina, Galatea, Halimede ....

The planet Neptune 

Neptune has a methane atmosphere that reflects blue very well giving it a characteristic bright blue colour. Occasionally white clouds appear on the surface of the planet but otherwise it looks very tranquil. The truth, however, is that the surface is in a very agitated state having winds in excess of 2000 kph. A large dark area was discovered and named the Great Dark Spot, which rotated once every sixteen days.

Neptune was only discovered in 1846 as a result of its gravitational effect on neighbouring Uranus.

Neptune has a mantle made up of ice that surrounds an iron core. The atmosphere is mainly hydrogen, helium and methane.

Neptune as some faint rings made up of mainly icy dust.